About Me

From Stockholm to Istanbul

Hello there!

I am thrilled that you are here.

I’m Aslı.

I was born and raised in Stockholm, and moved to Turkey when I was around 11.

The most unique thing that I carried with me from Swedish culture to Istanbul is the word :


Which basically means “Coffee with Friends” 

I use this word so often in my daily life that it has become a part of me. 

Nothing makes me happier than when I have my cup of coffee in my hand (preferably with a cinnamon bun on the side) and sweet company. 

So if you want to make me happy, offer me a Fika.

That will always work 😉

Moving to Brussels

I studied Business Administration at Işık University in Istanbul. 

After graduating in 2017, I found an opportunity to work as a
marketing communication assistant in Brussels for a startup community called MolenGeek.  

Working in the startup community was a completely new and different experience for me. 

I met so many entrepreneurs and developers that were so passionate about their work.

It was inevitable to not be affected by them and get inspired.

Sky is the Limit

MolenGeek taught me :

Anything you want, no matter your background, you can achieve it.


“Sky is the Limit”

Today, when I think about my dreams and passions, I don’t restrict myself.

I admit that it’s very difficult to put this mindset into practice.

And I am still struggling with it.

But, it is worth a try.

Following My Passion

Following the mindset of:

“Sky is the Limit”


I created my own blog that was something I desired to have for a long time.

My desire is for this page to become a platform where we can be two friends meeting together for a fika, having our coffee, enjoying each other’s company and talking about the things that inspire us, like life, travel, culture, and so much more.

So come, join me!

Let’s have a Fika together. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation and your time here!

Thank You!

I would like to take a moment to thank Yassine Kharchaf, an amazing and passionate developer who not only encouraged, but helped me start this blog.

And another huge thank you to my beautiful, crazy, and creative friend, Gülşah Özhan, who is the name-mother of this website, fikalatte, which when translated, means absolutely nothing 😀

(Let’s market it as a coffee type :D)